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Financing Construction Equipment

When Your Project Needs It Now

Imagine having access to as much as a quarter of a million dollars in 48 hours to buy or lease the equipment you need. Would that enable you to aim higher, swing wider, and profit more from your projects? Would knowing that your lending source gets paid when you get paid, and that you can take up to 60 months to repay, make it an even easier decision?

REI Commercial Capital puts options like these in your hands, right here, right now. Our own experience in construction, development, and commercial real estate taught us first-hand that when you need a big piece of gear, you need it quickly, even if you don’t need it forever. Doing without it, or waiting until another project pays, will hold you back from growing your business, from collecting for a new project, and from moving on to the next one. Bad news for your return-on-investment.


Getting-By is the Opposite of ROI

So often, the character and values that were instilled in us as kids can keep us from seeing what business powerhouses already know. Those personal values aren’t wrong, they just weren’t meant for the specific dynamics of the business environment. Waiting until you’ve collected the cash from a current job before moving ahead with the next one holds back your growth and earnings. “Muddling through” is a good formula for staying small and feeling anxious about the next receivable check.

Instead, leaders and growers of businesses learn that pace and momentum are at the center of success. Bringing your abilities to the job site as soon as you can, as often as you can, is what increases your profit, improves your margins, and builds your ROI.

It all has to do with the speed of money. Different kinds of money move at different speeds. This fact is at the core of a business enterprise – especially a business that is building its own security and future. Payroll dates arrive whether your project has paid you or not. Some demands, like these, can’t be moved, no matter how your receivables list is behaving.

But even the demands that appear flexible can be covering hidden damage. You can’t see opportunity cost on your balance sheet, but it’s there, every time you put off pitching or starting or completing a job for lack of the equipment you need. Those footings need to be dug whether your excavator is busy at another job site or not. That plumbing connection needs a trencher, even if your usual jobs don’t call for one. The office complex you are building calls for a crane, even if high-rise designs are not your usual diet. Waiting for payment before meeting these needs is a robber of the money you could be making – worth much more now than later.

Seizing opportunities in the here and now is a critical key to growth, margin, and ROI. Giant corporations have whole floors full of people who maintain relationships with the sources of this kind of operating cash. What about a company like yours?


To Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to stay focused on the fields in which they are expert – and to keep them un-distracted by the unfamiliar world of finance – this is our mission at REI. We create financing solutions for businesses, to improve their return-on-investment and take advantage of opportunities. We’re here to become your financing expert, so that you can devote your time and attention to growing your business. The world of finance isn’t simple, and our experience and training put us in a clear position to identify the answers that best suit your business and your situation.

We help you focus on the money you keep. The money you need? That’s our specialty. When you can devote your energy and resources to securing assignments and projects, completing them, and earning a fair and substantial compensation; when you can assign the task of securing the operating funds it takes to an expert, then you can expect to see the results right there in your own ROI.

It’s our job is to make sure you can move forward at the pace of progress. REI equals ROI, some people say, because we help even-out the pace of money, so that you have access to the funds that opportunities require, when those opportunities present themselves. That’s the connection in this equation between REI and ROI.

Consider us your eyes, ears, and hands in the world of finance. With REI on your side, you can do what you’re in business to do. Our experience gives us insight into the needs – and the answers – from your point of view as the leader of a business. We added formal training to our experience, and this qualifies us to weigh the options for getting you the cash you need when you need it. We cultivated access to an exceedingly comprehensive selection of sources for the money it takes to grow a business.

Let us take your requirements into the world of finance and come back with the funds you need. Our unusual combination of experience and point-of-view makes REI Commercial Capital the preferred source of the money your business demands, to do what you’re in business to do. Just call us at 843-541-2966, or visit for more information. We look forward to getting acquainted.

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