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Money Talks at This Time of the Year

Money Talks at This Time of the Year

In this video I mention two businesses that are completely different with the exact same issue! They BOTH failed to plan and think strategically about their direction from a business and analytical mindset.

We all often get caught up in the romance of selling our product, service, or solution that we forget about key factors that can dramatically affect our bottom line.

When thinking about planning the secret is that almost everyone looks at where they want to go without investing the same effort or focus on where they actually are. Planning is the bridge between “A” where I am, and “B” where I want to go. The steps it takes, the actions I need to take in this quarter to the next for years to come.

Looking deeper into your business, unveiling your true assets allows you to clearly identify where you are, giving a foundation towards where you want to be.

The first example in the video is a paving contractor who didn’t really know what they had bought, the second was a coffee shop who happened to close on short notice. BOTH left money on the table and could have leveraged either position to their advantage to maximize their financial result.

Planning is one part to get you clarity on where you are to help you keep your eye on the true asset of where you want to be.

To start your year off right, contact me to help you with some structured planning.

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