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The Engine of the Economy

The Engine of the Economy

Small business has been called the engine of the American economy. It came by that title honestly – and earned it the hard way. Not only do small businesses put forth about half of our gross domestic product, the half they produce is the more innovative, productive, efficient half. Two-thirds of new jobs in the U.S. were created by small businesses, and they’re responsible for more than 40% of U.S. payroll dollars, the ones that drive our consumer economy. For innovation and efficiency, small businesses can’t be beat. They produce 16 times more patents per employee than large corporations do, and that’s only one measure of their productivity.


Small business is what keeps America the land of opportunity, too. More than 36% are owned by women, and at least 10% by veterans. More than 15% of small businesses are owned by minorities and that proportion is growing rapidly. Yes, small business is without a doubt the place where the American dream is most dynamic and impactful.


When it Takes Money to Make Money


And yet, when it comes to finance, small businesses face some obstacles. Most banks were designed for another era, an industrial age when owning capital equipment was “the means of production.” Today’s enterprise is more often based on knowledge, skill, and creativity rather than factories. And so it’s not unusual to hear even a proven, successful entrepreneur say, “It’s easy to get a bank loan. All you have to do is prove you don’t need it.”


There ought to be several different words for money, the way arctic peoples have many different words for snow. For one thing, money moves at different speeds, and that’s a lot of the reason why small businesses need a financial expert. Payrolls move like a drum line, regular as clockwork. Accounts receivable – not so much. When you’re building something, you’re going to need some big pieces of gear on Tuesday, but not have them hanging around doing nothing on Thursday. The money that keeps work moving forward is needed at different times, in different amounts. And really, the money you should be focusing on is the money you keep.


In fact, return-on-investment is the ball to keep an eye on. The amounts and urgency of money required to move forward gets its real meaning from what you can make out of it. It’s easy to be distracted by amounts and requirements and deadlines – all of them important, no argument – and lose sight of what puts them in perspective, the return you can make from them by doing what you do. At REI Commercial Capital, we can help you find and keep that perspective, even as we source the money you need to get there.


Where We Come In


That’s what REI is here for. We’re in business to be your eyes, ears, and hands in the world of finance, so you can focus on the work you’re in business to do. We grew up in development, construction, and commercial real estate, so we got acquainted with the needs – and the answers – from your point of view as a business runner. We added formal training to this experience so we can weigh the options for getting you the cash you need when you need it.


Our experience on your side of the desk, and our wide-ranging resources for lending, make REI Commercial Capital the preferred source of the money your small business needs, to do what you’re in business to do. Let us take your requirements into the world of finance and come back with what you need, when you need it. Just call us at 843-541-2966,

We look forward to getting acquainted.

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