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When Your Banker Says No

When Your Banker Says No

Business owners are by nature, driven by what can be, rather than what already is. So, there’s a built-in language barrier to a certain extent when they fill in applications for a bank loan. As much as banks have grown their scope, they still show signs of where they were born and how they grew up. Their fundamental model was organized in an industrial age. Banks look for assets as collateral. They look for existing revenue streams as signs of vitality. Yet increasingly, business assets are not machines or even bricks and mortar, with vitality often what’s ahead, not behind us.

In fact, our economy increasingly depends on knowledge-based businesses, in which human talent and know-how is the real capital. The ground-breaking book, The Rise of the Creative Class made the case early in this century that, not only banks, but even whole cities lag behind this reality. Author Richard Florida made the case that the only reason to have a city in the 21st century is if smart people want to live there. This may be known as a technological age, but for the most part factory machines are not fueling it. It takes a different eye to evaluate assets and vitality today.

As a result, most business owners work in a world that drives at different speeds and observes different signposts than their bank. Banks are important, but they are only one source of the money you need to grow your business.

That’s where we come in. We’re REI and we create financing solutions for businesses, to improve their return-on-investment and take advantages of opportunities. We’re here to become your financing expert, so that you can devote your time and attention to growing your business. The world of finance isn’t simple, and our experience and training put us in a clear position to identify the answers that best suit your business and your situation.


The Money You Keep

It’s our goal to help you focus your attention on the money you keep. The money you need? That’s our specialty. When you can devote your energy and resources to securing assignments and projects, completing them, and earning a fair and substantial compensation; when you can assign the task of securing the operating funds it takes to an expert, then you can expect to see the results right there in your own ROI.

A project that doesn’t have to wait until the prior one is completed and collected-for, an opportunity that doesn’t slip to a competitor who has the cash to seize it, a team that isn’t tortured with uncertain tenure and seasonal layoffs, these are among the advantages that show up in return-on-investment.

It’s been said that REI equals ROI because our job is to make sure you have advantages like these, the means to move forward at the pace of progress. The underlying fact is that money moves at different speeds. We help even-out that pace so that you have access to the money that opportunities require, when those opportunities present themselves. That’s the connection in this equation between REI and ROI.


Your Scout in the World of Finance

We’re in business to be your eyes, ears, and hands in the world of finance, so you can do what you’re in business to do. Our own prior experience in development, construction, and commercial real estate put us directly in touch with the needs – and the answers – from your point of view as the leader of a business. We added formal training to our experience, which qualifies us to weigh the options for getting you the cash you need when you need it. We cultivated access to an exceedingly comprehensive selection of sources for the money it takes to grow a business.

Let us take your requirements into the world of finance and come back with what you need, when you need it. Our unusual combination of experience and point-of-view makes REI Commercial Capital the preferred source of the money your business needs, to do what you’re in business to do. Just call us at 843-541-2966, or visit for more information. We look forward to getting acquainted.


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